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Special Christmas CD Sale on both ‘Frosty The Stickman’ & ‘Rainbows’!!

Frosty The Stickman

Frosty The Stickman

Aloha everyone,

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. I always love this time of year because I have sooo much to be thankful for. Enjoying the holidays here in Lahaina is A-O-K by me. We don’t have any snow here on Maui (like Frosty The Stickman does above) but we get by. Imagine surfing in warm waters throughout the holidays… Or golfing or just about anything BUT shoveling snow. It’s not bad at all!

This winter holiday season will be fantastic. The humpback whales are returning from their summer in Alaska and they’re ready to do You-Know-What. They eat thousands of pounds of fish and krill while they are in Alaska and then they come here to Hawaii all ready for mating season. Gotta keep their strength up, right? At least they know how to pick the right spots!

So you can enjoy some great Stick music this winter season- just in time for Christmas– I’ve reduced the prices of both my most recent release, RAINBOWS and my Christmas albumFROSTY THE STICKMAN.

That’s right. Only $12 for each CD plus shipping. Either CD makes an excellent small last minute gift or stocking stuffer for virtually anyone on your list this year. Plus, there are additional discounts available if you purchase more than one of either CD or, better yet- both CDsMy distributor is located in Portland, Oregon and they ship very FAST and, they actually make the whole process FUN! And all right from the comfort of your own home.

Fast and fun… What more could you ask for? By the way, FROSTY is only 1 of  2 CDs that I know of here on Planet Earth that features holiday and Christmas favorites on The Chapman Stick! Many folks who already own FROSTY tell me they love to play the album while they are wrapping presents, at Christmas parties, while entertaining family & friends or just engaging in general all-around holiday merriment. I hope you’ll consider supporting a truly independent artist rather than spending your Christmas budget at Walmart. If you’d like to take a look, a listen and read the reviews you’ll find them right here on my brand new, easy to navigate Store Page. Either click below or on the icon to the right marked My Store. Either way you’ll get there. Check out some of my other releases while you’re there, too. Mahalo in advance!

This month I’ll be playing around the island and you’ll find my performance schedule up in the right hand corner of this page. If you’re in town, I hope you’ll stop by and say aloha. Until then, I wish you and yours a very


All the best,

~Michael K

New CD “Rainbows” is now available!



Aloha everyone! Hope your New Year is off to a good start. It’s been busy around here, what with the annual return of the humpback whales and our winter visitors, things are definitely hopping on Maui.

Shortly after the release of my Beatles CD last May, I began work in earnest on this new album. 17 of the 18 tracks were recorded live (without overdubs) at art fairs under the banyan tree in Lahaina, so all the emotion and soul of The Stick was captured and preserved faithfully. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed producing it.

On “Rainbows”, I debut a new instrument designed by Emmett Chapman. It’s called the 12-string Stick Guitar® (SG12™). This instrument is in a much higher pitched register than the Grand Stick- it’s more like guitar that also reaches into the range of a violin. The highs are crystalline and the tone is extremely sweet. I fell in love with this model the first moment I laid eyes on it and I’ve been playing the heck out of it since Jan. 2010. “Rainbows” is the first CD to feature this instrument exclusively.

With 18 total tracks, the total playing time is just under 60 minutes. I covered a lot of ground with the material: there’s a great Santana tune, a new rendition of “Over The Rainbow”, a couple of Beatles tunes, some old favorites and even a couple of songs from the 1962 movie “Blue Hawaii”. Plus, I included 5 new original songs. Overall, there’s lots to like on this new album and I hope you’ll agree.

It’s available for immediate shipment or download at my store:

As always, I appreciate your continued support of my music on the exotic Chapman Stick. I can’t say Mahalo loud enough.

All the best and A Hui Hou!