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New Album “Serenity” is #12 on both U.S. & European Top 100 New Age Album Charts

Wow! Simply amazing. Here’s the whole story in my December 2017 Newsletter:

I want to again mention that all the music on SERENITY was inspired by “Steps To Knowledge- The Book of Inner Knowing” by Marshall Vian Summers. You can download the book for free at:

Serenity – Peaceful Music on The Chapman Stick

Review of “SERENITY- Peaceful Music On The Chapman Stick”

Michael Kollwitz unique beauty Chapman stick Michael Kollwitz – Serenity/Peaceful Music on the Chapman Stick

Just received a great review of the new album “SERENITY- Peaceful Music On The Chapman Stick”. It was written by Dick Metcalf of Contemporary Fusion Reviews and he has some very nice things to say about the music.

It really helps to know that this new musical direction is being welcomed by listeners. There is just so much noise in the world today that I think that everyone needs a little more serenity so this was my way of helping to create some. I hope you’ll enjoy the new music.




“Secret Mountain” Now Available!

Chapman Stick Soloist Michael Kollwitz’s new album “Secret Mountain” is now available at

Available both as a physical CD and as a digital download, “Secret Mountain” contains 16 tracks of Chapman Stick instrumentals including 9 new originals and 7 cover songs. The album was recorded using both 12 string Grand Stick and 12 string Stick Guitar (SG12) and has a playing time of just under 60 minutes.

Although still relatively little-known, The Chapman Stick may well be one of the most versatile and expressive musical instruments ever devised. Using a two-handed pianistic technique (rather than plucking or strumming) The Chapman Stick allows a musician to play simultaneous multi-part arrangements with both hands at the same time. In addition, the lush sounds provided by a guitar synthesizer can be added in real-time creating full, rich music that sounds unlike any other instrument.

Kollwitz was one of inventor Emmett Chapman’s first students and has focused exclusively on this amazing instrument for over 40 years and is considered one of the instrument’s virtuoso performers. Kollwitz is also one of The Chapman Stick’s most prolific recording artists and the new album “Secret Mountain” is his 20th release.



Desert Sun photo 2/23/14

This past weekend I played at Artwalk and this photo appeared the next day in the Sunday edition of The Desert Sun. Many thanks to Michael Snyder, staff photographer of The Desert Sun for stopping by and capturing this great shot.

Meeting Herbie Hancock in Phoenix: May 1993

Here’s a shot from my photo archives that always brings a smile to my face. I accompanied Phoenix jazz singer Sherry Robertson on The Stick at the wedding of Maria & Luis on May 24, 1993. I did not know that Herbie Hancock would be the Honorary Father of the Bride. You can imagine my surprise when Herbie walked into the room! He has an enormous persona that just fills the hall and I noticed he couldn’t stop smiling. Herbie sat in the front row and really focused on our music. After the wedding, Herbie shook my hand and said “You’re awesome on that Stick”  I didn’t wash my hand for days hoping I could absorb his ‘vibes’ by osmosis. I asked him to autograph the back of my 12 string Grand Stick #977 and he kindly obliged.