Serenity III- More Peaceful Music on The Chapman Stick CD • Michael Kollwitz

Serenity III- More Peaceful Music on The Chapman Stick CD


Top 5 Billboard New Age album in Jan. 2019 and GMA Silver Medal winner.


‘Serenity II’ charted on Billboard and was considered for a Grammy nomination. ‘Serenity I’ also received nominations and both albums received significant international airplay and spots on seven airlines Spa channels. ‘Serenity III’ is Kollwitz’s 23rd release and the last album in the Serenity trilogy of Contemporary Instrumental music in the New Age genre. One of The Stick’s most prolific recording artists, Kollwitz has had a colorful career with releases in multiple genres including classic rock, jazz, flamenco, and even Hawaiian music. Advance reviews of ‘Serenity III’ have been overwhelmingly positive and another appearance on the Billboard Top Ten New Age album chart would be no surprise. Music critic Jonathan Widran of Los Angeles, CA had this to say about the album: “Entering into the mystically melodic, soul transporting musical world of Michael Kollwitz via his exquisite new collection ‘Serenity III’, the feeling is one of a cool and calm euphoria. While the rich and compelling compositions he plays on the unique stringed instrument are designed for gentle reflection and meditation, these chill vibes are balanced by the extreme joy of discovery of a wonderful artist whose music I wish I had been introduced to much sooner.”
16 tracks – total playing time 64:01
1. Cloud Number Eleven 5:16
2. Soft Forest 5:01
3. Tell Me Why 3:49
4. Wherever It Leads 3:44
5. Gift of Peace 3:38
6. Smooth Sailing 3:40
7. Sunday Morning 4:36
8. Contemplation 4:14
9. Winding Down 4:11
10. Crystal Caverns 3:57
11. Playful Curiosity 3:09
12. Forgive and Forget 4:43
13. Have a Good One 4:12
14. On the Lake 4:36
15. Secret Cargo 2:20
16. Good Night Sleep Tight 2:51