Serenity II- More Peaceful Music on The Chapman Stick CD • Michael Kollwitz

Serenity II- More Peaceful Music on The Chapman Stick CD


Top Ten Billboard New Age album in Apr. 2018 and Best New Age Album of 2018 nomination...


Considered for a Grammy nomination, ‘Serenity II’ is the Billboard Top Ten New Age charting followup album to ‘Serenity’ that reached #8 on Billboard one week after its release in April 2018 and remained #10 on the ZMR New Age charts for two months during April & May 2018. Because of its soothing, peaceful tracks, ‘Serenity II’ has been licensed by the C.A.R.E. Channel to play in hundreds of hospitals across the US from 2019 to 2021. In late December, ‘Serenity II’ was chosen as one of the Top Three Best Relaxation albums of 2018 by NewAgeCD and it was also named one of the top 25 New Age albums of 2018 by Aural Awakenings radio. The track “Wrapped In Love” was nominated in the New Age category by The Global Peace Song Awards.

16 tracks – total playing time 61:23

1. The Presence 3:24
2. Wrapped in Love 4:15
3. Climbing the Mountain 4:11
4. Clear Passage 4:40
5. Live and Let Live 4:43
6. The Balance 3:12
7. Blue Skies 3:37
8. Pure Signal 4:47
9. Welcome Home 3:49
10. A Greater Purpose 3:08
11. One with Nature 2:51
12. Shaman’s Cave 4:44
13. Easy Does It 3:11
14. Breaking Free 3:56
15. Beyond the Clouds 2:39
16. Way of Knowledge 4:18