Carnival CD – Michael Kollwitz

Carnival CD


Classics and originals plus jazz standards with a little sax.

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‘Carnival’ continues Michael’s solo instrumental journey on the incredible Chapman Stick. On this CD he teams up on a couple of jazz standards with a talented saxophonist. It’s hard to believe that virtually all the music was produced on just one instrument. As one of The Stick’s earliest pioneers, Michael is always looking for new ways to stretch the amazing instrument’s capabilities even further. Enjoy this relaxing blend of both jazz and blues.

Other musicians featured in this recording:

Arthur Trinchera- saxophone on tracks 3 & 8

13 tracks – total playing time 45:21

1. Hot Money 2:57
2. Stormy Monday 3:58
3. Shadow of Your Smile 3:59
4. Spanish Serenade 3:59
5. Viewer Discretion 3:10
6. Sleepwalk 4:05
7. Silver Lake (Improv) 2:11
8. Black Orpheus 3:53
9. This Masquerade 4:23
10. The Wind Cries Mary 4:55
11. Autumn Leaves 2:02
12. Carnival 2:20
13. Oye Como Va 3:23