NOW AVAILABLE: Chapman Stick Meets The Beatles- Vol. 2


I’ve just completed my 17th independent release “The Chapman Stick Meets The Beatles- Volume Two” and it is NOW AVAILABLE for purchase as a digital download on CDBaby,  iTunes and all the usual places to buy digital music.

My first Beatles CD (Volume One) has been one of my most popular CDs since it’s release in May 2011. I still absolutely love The Beatles and there’s no shortage of great Beatles tunes to reinterpret on The Chapman Stick: so why not? On this new Beatles album, I’ve introduced a lot of new sounds and textures using a Stick outfitted with a guitar synthesizer. It’s a whole new sound for The Stick and a new take on 15 more great Beatles tunes. I’m confident you’ll enjoy them. Just click on My Store and ~viola! you’ll be hearing popular Beatles tunes like you’ve never heard them before! Load it on up to your iPhone, iPod or iPad and off ya go on yer merry way mate!