Maui Sunset Song (new FREE video)

Here’s a short little video (3:28) that I thought you might enjoy. It was recorded on West Maui at a holiday concert performed on Christmas Eve 2009. The sun sets behind Lanai just as the song concludes. Yes- I can control the Sun! LOL 🙂

If you enjoy the video, please leave a comment. Or, better yet- subscribe to my video feed and you’ll be notified by email anytime I put up a new one. Still working on the new CD. It will be my tenth audio CD release in as many years. I’ve written a half dozen new originals for the album and there will be some great covers, as well. They include ‘White Sandy Beach’, ‘Daydream’ and even a Santana tune, ‘Flor de Luna’. I think you’ll enjoy the new CD and I’ll let you know as soon as it is ready to ship.

To watch Maui Sunset Song, click below-

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  1. Bev Moses

    What a joy it is to receive your emails, especially today, it’s 20 degrees and we haven’t seen the sun in 7 days!!! Loved the song and the SUNSET — looking forward to that new CD. God willin’ we’ll be back in April 2011.

    Mahalo for your emails keep ’em coming. See ya, next year. Bev
    Arlington Heights, IL

  2. vickie newell

    We love to get emails from you. Loved the Christmas Eve song. Thank You! We are homesick for Maui and the Banyon Tree. We are planning a trip soon! We will find where you are playing! Thank You!

  3. Brad Callahan

    Hi Michael,

    I am a friend of Alex Nordstrom and he introduced me to the Chapman Stick and I have explored He recently sent me your Christmas Eve Maui Sunset song. I loved it. I also saw (and posted on Facebook) your beach performance. I loved sending it to friends and relatives who live in snowy areas for a mini vacation.

    I will keep in touch,
    Brad Callahan