Here today- gone to Maui

First of all- thank you Sacramento (and all of Northern California) for embracing and supporting my music on The Chapman Stick since 1998! It has really been exciting and I hope to see ALL of you again soon. My wife and I have opened a new chapter in our lives and we have relocated to Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii. Hope you’ll come and visit us in the near future. Aloha and let’s keep in touch!

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  1. Brenda Jew Waters

    Hi Michael and Christine, I hope you are enjoying your new location. I have a 2nd cousin attending the Univ. of Hawaii. Her boyfriend is from Maui. She hopes to relocate to Maui. Send pictures when you get a chance! We went to Art Fiesta last weekend and of course, you were not there.

  2. Ed Connor

    ALOHA, My Man…I heard your music under the Banyon Tree JULY FIRST. I’m very impressed.Since your here…. I want to own a Stick and make some music. Could you give lessons? Anyway.. welcome to Lahaina. Keep up the good work!

  3. Chuck & EIleen Blodgett

    Michael & Christine, What an absolute privilege & pleasure to sit beneath the Banyan tree in Lahaina, and talk to you both while listening to your music. (I’m the “Samba Pa Ti” guy, and yeah I do have a soft spot for that song.) The music added a gracious touch to the sun and mood of the day, as well as providing a wonderful oveture to our 20th wedding anniversary. We hope to see you both the next time we are in Maui, or you find yourself in the Tacoma/ Seattle area.

    Take care, and Peace & Harmony to you both. Chuck & Eileen

  4. Chuck & eileen

    Aloha Michael from the the chilly Pacific Northwest. Our daughter Emily & her friend Monty will be on Maui from 11/20 to 11/30. I’m hoping she’ll come by the Banyan Tree and introduce herself. I may have to send some $’s with her to purchase a couple of your CD’s. Take care, and we hope to visit Maui again next year. Aloha, Chuck