About Michael Kollwitz

Michael Kollwitz and his Chapman Stick. Photo by Michael McClellan.

Michael Kollwitz and his Chapman Stick.

One of the Chapman Stick’s earliest pioneers and also one of inventor Emmett Chapman’s first students, Michael Kollwitz is a Chapman Stick virtuoso with over 40 years experience. Played with both hands using a pianistic technique on a stringed instrument, the Chapman Stick is unique, versatile and one of the most expressive musical instruments ever devised. The result is music that sounds unlike any other instrument.


Michael’s music has spread worldwide and he’s been featured on national radio, in television appearances and a short documentary entitled “Stick Man”. His musical style encompasses light jazz, classic rock, Hawaiian, latin, and also meditation music. With a catalog of 20 independent releases he is one of the Chapman Stick’s most prolific recording artists. At a chance meeting on Maui, Carlos Santana called his music “a gift from the heart” that made him feel good the moment he heard it. 

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