“Secret Mountain” Now Available!

Chapman Stick Soloist Michael Kollwitz’s new album “Secret Mountain” is now available at  https://store.cdbaby.com/all/stikmstr

Available both as a physical CD and as a digital download, “Secret Mountain” contains 16 tracks of Chapman Stick instrumentals including 9 new originals and 7 cover songs. The album was recorded using both 12 string Grand Stick and 12 string Stick Guitar (SG12) and has a playing time of just under 60 minutes.

Although still relatively little-known, The Chapman Stick may well be one of the most versatile and expressive musical instruments ever devised. Using a two-handed pianistic technique (rather than plucking or strumming) The Chapman Stick allows a musician to play simultaneous multi-part arrangements with both hands at the same time. In addition, the lush sounds provided by a guitar synthesizer can be added in real-time creating full, rich music that sounds unlike any other instrument.

Kollwitz was one of inventor Emmett Chapman’s first students and has focused exclusively on this amazing instrument for over 40 years and is considered one of the instrument’s virtuoso performers. Kollwitz is also one of The Chapman Stick’s most prolific recording artists and the new album “Secret Mountain” is his 20th release.



Soundtrack for “The Ballad of the Bees” Audiobook

I recently composed some of the music for a children’s audiobook by Sedona children’s author, Timothy Stuetz! It is titled “The Ballad of the Bees” and has both audio and hard-copy versions! For the music I created, I used my SG-12 Chapman Stick with guitar synthesizer so I was able to provide all manner of different feelings, tones and timbres. Combined with character voices and even an orchestra, it sounds great and I think kids of all ages will love it! I’m proud to have been a part of the project!

The Ballad of the Bees by Timothy Stuetz – Available soon at Healthy Kids and Happy Families

CPL Sedona Presents: Living Room Concert Series

CPL Sedona is proud to showcase local musicians in an intimate and personal setting at our Wednesday evening “In the Living Room” Music Series

CPL Sedona is located at 45 Castle Rock Road, Suite 1 in the Village of Oak Creek. Concerts are from 7:00pm to 8:15pm.  Doors open at 6:30pm.

$10.00 admission at the door (cash preferred) – Seating is limited to 40.

For more information visit CPL Sedona’s website.

Studio B Presents: Cottonwood Center for the Arts

The Old Town Center for the Arts is a great place to enjoy a concert. Studio B is one of the finest studios in the whole valley, and we offer an outstanding roster of instructors and classes. Studio B adjoining The Old Town Center for the Arts, has a whole new schedule of classes for your enjoyment. Many of the classes are for all levels, so you can perfect your skills or learn a new activity.

For more information visit Studio B’s website.

Emmett Chapman at the Musical Instrument Museum in Scottsdale, Arizona

A very special moment indeed! Emmett Chapman is just now seeing for the very first time the exhibit for The Stick at Musical Instrument Museum, Scottsdale, AZ, on April 20th with Steve Adelson of New York! There were only a few people present and I was very grateful to be one of them!

That afternoon Emmett and Steve gave a lecture and at then gave a concert! All of these events tied into the Musical Instrument Museum’s 5th Anniversary Gala How proud I was to see Emmett receiving just a little bit of the recognition he’s due for his invention of this amazing instrument 40 years ago!